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New song

Just came across this song! Instantly loved it and thought what a great song to panini to. Also, I’ll give someone $5 if they can tell me what this music video is about!


Love it!

Simple yet classy. Add this to my birthday list!

New Idea

How about some maple syrup poured on the hot panini surface. Then add some brown sugar and a banana. Cook until desired brownness. What y’all think? Comment your opinions!

Our Philosophy

Are you tired of the same old boring peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch? Have you had one too many plain turkey sandwiches on bland white bread? Stop neglecting your unsatisfied taste buds and indulge them by spicing up your lunch routine with one of the following panini creations. My panini press is my best friend. Nothing makes a sandwich more delicious than letting it sizzle on the press for a lil while, heating the bread to a delectable golden crisp. I have made the following recipes before either for myself or for friends, and to say these paninis are godly would merely be an understatement. The creations are inspired by my own taste buds and dining experiences, as well as advice from my patrons. Whether your craving something savory, sweet, filling, or light, there is a panini for you.

Hey Y’all

Okay! So here we are. I have had some ups and downs when trying to create this website but, as expected, I have gotten this published and would like to welcome everyone to offdapress. It’s your one stop place to look when you ever have a craving for a Panini. Bashful? Thinking that your crazy Panini idea won’t be here? Don’t be! At offdapress I will try to provide an open environment when no panini, no matter how crazy, will be rejected!!