Healthy Eats

This section is dedicated to someone who wants to eat a delicious panini, yet be healthy!

The Chara: a sandwich much bigger than it should be
-one whole wheat english muffin
– two morning star veggie burger
– one slice of provolone
If desired one can put dressing on it as well. I prefer thousand island!

The Protein Boost: works as a breakfast sandwich as well
-Ingredients: turkey, 2 fried egg whites, cucumber slices, tomato, salsa (I use mango peach salsa)
-Bread recommendations: english muffin, whole wheat

The Grecian: inspired by a greek salad
-Ingredients: cucumber, tomato, lettuce, onion, olives, tzatziki (a greek sauce made from yogurt, garlic, and cucumbers), a little bit of feta cheese if desired
-Bread recommendations: whole wheat, whole wheat pita

The Garden: substitute with your favorite vegetables, raw or grilled
-Ingredients: tomato, cucumber, lettuce, peppers, hummus (or instead of hummus, use vinaigrette)
-Bread recommendations: English muffin, whole wheat, whole wheat pita


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