What type of panini maker should I buy?!?

Many of you after reading this blog probably are asking yourself “How can I obtain my own panini maker?” Thinking that you can go out to any old store and just pick it up.However! while this might be the case there are many different types of panini makers. With prices ranging from $20 to $200 I want to take a second to discuss the different types to ensure that you are fully happy with the panini maker that you finally decide to purchase.

Features you should consider when purchasing a panini
-adjustable hinge
-removable plates
– adjustable heating settings
– double sided plates

Floating hinge:
The floating hinge allows people the freedom to close their panini press at different heights ensuring that all sandwiches, no matter the size, will be grilled to perfection.

Removable plates:
While this might not seem that important now. Let me tell you that if you do not have removable plates, cleaning the panini press can be a complete hassle. This is one feature that I would defiantly want.

Adjustable heating settings:
Adjustable heating settings allows you to make sure you’re grilling the panini at the perfect temperature. No more one size fits all.

Double sided plates:
Double sided plates make sure you can have a grill on one side and a flat skillet on the other. If you get this feature, you pretty much double the amount of food you can make. Opening the doors to foods such as pancakes and french toast.


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